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A Ph.D. Student’s Rant about Development Economics

From the Economists for Firing Larry Summers blog:

Development Economics is not a “main-stream” Economics field. Most Development Economists are Development Economists because they really do care about the worlds’ poor, they tend to be more liberal and less dogmatic than your average economist, and many of them view other, more mainstream fields such as Macroeconomics or Macro Growth as witchcraft. They often point out that in Macro, you’ve always got these really difficult identification issues, and it’s often impossible to say w/ any certainty that you’ve identified a causal relationship as opposed to just correlation. With Micro-Development Randomized Trials, it is possible to know “things” with much more certainty.

While I can understand the views of Development Economists, I cannot really remember being impressed by any Development Economists, or have ever walked away from a Development Econ presentation/class feeling like I’ve really learned a new, important insight into the fundamental question of Economics: Why are some countries poor? And what can “we” do about it?…

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