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Professor Esther Duflo of MIT Awarded MacArthur Fellowship

The MacArthur Foundation released its list of fellowship honorees for 2009 (also know to many as the “Genius Award”). Among the 2009 Fellows was Professor Esther Duflo, whose work could not be more deserving of such an accolade. Professor Duflo’s work centers around economic research aimed at ending the vicious cycle of poverty in underdeveloped countries. Along with Professor Abhijit Banerjee, also of MIT, and Professor Sendhil Mullainathan of Harvard University, she co-founded the Adbul Latif Jameel Poverty Action Lab, which facilitates policy research in poverty-stricken regions, primarily in Africa and South Asia. Her own research is principally rooted in large-scale randomized trial experiments that help identify the most effective policies for alleviating poverty in various regions. Kudos to Professor Duflo as well as her colleagues and collaborators for their excellent work in development economics.


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    Previously, he has taught economics at Harvard, Northwestern, and the University of Michigan. Economic

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